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[mccode v2] Farming


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Took about 2 hours out of my day to make this farm mod that m5kk or whatever his name is came up with work. there was so many things wrong with it, but fixed them all. the queries didnt work, Inserts were wrong, functions were wrong, and much much more i had to recode it from scratch. decided to do this because i might actually edit it to fit my game.

So here it is the fixed mod of farming


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Re: Farming [v2]

Spot on my mate

The equipment link doesnt go anywhere, I checked the script and couldnt see a hire function? Iv had a few to drink tonight but I think you've missed them off mate i.e you cant buy any equipment

Also, cant view any animals bought - I'll have a look myself tomorrow

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Re: [mccode v2] Farming

hmmm the buying functions should be in the script, im grateful that you had fixed the codeing for the script i had submited its a script from a different game and i tried to convert it to work with mccode v2 and got no where with it so i posted it here to try and find someone who could, because i had a feeling people could put it to use, or even edit or modify it to work along with there game. but a +1 for you for getting to to work correctly, ill check all the codeing over when i get the time. and see about adding some more things to it such as a admin section for it, but ill get to that after i get through my family issues which i will not discuss.

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