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Staff appear offline


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Guest Anonymous

Re: Staff appear offline


One question first.

Ich habe eine Frage zuerst.


What? lol

It'd be something like this...

create a new field in the users table "appear" (0 for no 1 for yes) - Default: 1

and where it actual updates the last on field in the users table (the query) most probably the header file and the auth file....

if($ir['user_level'] == 2 && $ir['appear'] == 0){
// Do not update anything
// Do usual query
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Re: Staff appear offline


I said

I have a question first.


Why does it matter if he wants it or not?

It does not matter in the slightest, i was just posing the question as to why he would want staff to appear offline when they are normally there for player assistance and what not. Completely relevant question so there was in fact no need to question my query.

So again, can i ask you why you would want staff to appear offline?

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