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Battltent Mysql


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Hi i was wondering if anyone had he mysql for the battle tent as i foolishlyleft my kids on the pc and i hadnt shut phpmyadmin now mybattle tent dont work as they have deleted the mysql for it here is the querry error im getting thanks in advance Bd

UERY ERROR: Table 'challengebots' doesn't exist

Query was SELECT cb.*,u.*,c.npcid,cy.cityname FROM challengebots cb LEFT JOIN users u ON cb.cb_npcid=u.userid LEFT JOIN challengesbeaten c ON c.npcid=u.userid AND c.userid=1 LEFT JOIN cities cy ON u.location=cy.cityid

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Re: Battltent Mysql

Do you have a mysql insert into query in that script? You can uses them sometimes to work out what the column are are re-make the table.

might take 10/20 mins to get it right but i've done it for one of my tables in the past

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