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[MOD] V2 User Theme Changer [55% Complete]


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Just thought id post this here now so i can remind myself its here when ive finished the script..

Whats it do ?

Taking the Script from the the Menu Creator that Myself and Tonka did i decided to see if it could be used for other things so i came up with an User Theme Changer...


From the Staff Panel you can create your own CSS and store it in your Database you can alter any aspect of the game layout background images, table structures, fonts, menu bar width.. well it does everything that the header.php CSS section would do.

Once your happy with your layout when its stored on the MYSQL dbase a new theme link is created on the header.php. You can also reset everyone to default themes and lock themes if you need to maintain them.

could be used for other things so i came up with an User Theme Changer...


The USer Panel will be a drop down link that will be visible from the mainmenu.php when a Theme has been selected its stored so you keep the theme until you decide to change it.

Ive more or less finished the admin script so im about half way done..

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