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Chat Log - HostGator - Be carefull


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From Rick (phparcade)

I have been informed by hostgator.com that they will take down any site on there shared hosting that is a games site , including arcades. I highly recommend not getting their hosting. This came as a surprise to me, when I went to ask them about a problem I was seeing with their hosting.

This is a chatlog that rick had with HostGator earlier today

(1:12:44 PM) Douglass Gr: All I can say is that we don't even allow game sites on shared servers.

(1:12:56 PM) Douglass Gr: I can't assist here.

(1:12:56 PM) rick: arcade sites?

(1:13:01 PM) rick: its not a gaming site

(1:13:14 PM) Douglass Gr: What kind of games?

(1:13:20 PM) rick: arcade games

(1:13:24 PM) rick: phparcadesite.com

(1:13:27 PM) rick: is my demo

(1:13:49 PM) Douglass Gr: That's what I mean. We don't allow them. When they're found they typically get suspended.

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Re: Chat Log - HostGator - Be carefull

Follow up mail from HostGator:

Hello, I am Thomas Spear from HostGator. We recently received some of

your customers in our live chat to inquire about the email that was sent

out regarding an apparent change in the ToS with respects to arcade

scripts. I want to first apologize on behalf of everyone here at

HostGator that the information provided to you by Douglas Gr was incorrect.

We at HostGator believe that many of our customers like to run a wide

variety of sites, from blogs, to businesses, and even sites for fun. In

that belief, our founder, Brent Oxley decided that as long as a php

script does not require any sort of streaming to or from the server, in

order to run, then that script is ok to be used on our servers. In

checking with our security team, who handle abuse complaints as well as

server load issues due to buggy scripts, myself as well as my

supervisor, William Bl. have verified that your script does not

necessarily require streaming. The exact words used to describe what is

allowed is as follows: "Single player flash games which completely

download to the client computer before being rendered by Flash are ok".

I want to assure you personally that this confusion will be investigated

fully by a member of the supervisors team and we will take any necessary

action to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

Once again, I sincerely apologize for the confusion that this has caused

to both yourself and to your customers, and can only ask that you please

provide the full chat transcript from your recent chat with Doug to

[email protected] along with a copy of the chat transcript from

tigoon which has been recently posted on your forums, so that our

supervisors can see exactly what transpired.

If you have any questions or further concerns, please feel free to reply

back to me directly and I will be sure to answer you as soon as I can.

If I am unable to answer you myself, I will pass your email along to the

supervisor on shift for further information.

Thank you very much for your time.

Thomas Spear

HostGator.com Level 2 Chat Support

HostGator.com Level 1 Linux Admin

HostGator.com Transfers

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Re: Chat Log - HostGator - Be carefull

hmmm i thought people already knew bwt this, that was the main reason my game (CrimsonVille.com) was taken offline, Hostgator stopped my Crons from working and since have not had it restarted, so i moved all my sites to the Lunarpages Dedicated Servers

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