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My rentaspy i need help with


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Primary Weapon 	Nuclear Bomb	        Unequip Item
Secondary Weapon 	Gatling Gun	        Unequip Item
Armor 	                Ultimate Body Armor	Unequip Item


-- RentASpy V2
-- Coded by Zero-Affect
include "globals.php";
if(!$ir['donatordays']) { die("You have to be a donator to do this!"); }
$q=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE userid={$_GET['ID']}",$c);
if($_GET['ID']==$userid) { die("Wow some people are stupid trying to spy on yourself wont work here sorry."); }
if($_GET['ID'] && $_GET['PAID'])

die("Quit trying to abuse bugs.");
die("You don't have enough cash to rent a spy on {$r['username']}.");
$lk=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE userid=$userid",$c);
mysql_query("UPDATE users SET money=money-{$_GET['PAID']} WHERE userid=$userid",$c);
print "[b]Your spy has been caught.
Your name may have been mentioned.[/b]";
event_add($_GET['ID'],"<a href=viewuser.php?u=$userid>{$n['username']}</a> tried to rent a spy on you but failed.",$c);
$sta=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM userstats WHERE userid={$_GET['ID']}",$c);
$st=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM userstats WHERE userid=$userid",$c);
$we=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM items WHERE itmid={$r['equip_primary']}",$c);
$we1=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM items WHERE itmid={$r['equip_secondary']}",$c);
$we2=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM items WHERE itmid={$r['equip_armor']}",$c);
if($pri['itmname'] == '') { $prim="None"; } else { $prim="{$pri['itmname']}"; }
if($sey['itmname'] == '') { $secon="None"; } else { $prim="{$sey['itmname']}"; }
if($arm['itmname'] == '') { $arm="None"; } else { $prim="{$arm['itmname']}"; }
if($sats['strength'] > $stats['strength']) { $stren="<font color=red>Weaker</font>"; } elseif($sats['strength'] == $stats['strength']) { $stren="<font color=blue>Equal</font>"; } else { $stren="<font color=green>Stronger</font>"; }
if($sats['agility'] > $stats['agility']) { $agility="<font color=red>Weaker</font>"; } elseif($sats['agility'] == $stats['agility']) { $agility="<font color=blue>Equal</font>"; } else { $agility="<font color=green>Stronger</font>"; }
if($sats['guard'] > $stats['guard']) { $guard="<font color=red>Weaker</font>"; } elseif($sats['guard'] == $stats['guard']) { $guard="<font color=blue>Equal</font>"; } else { $guard="<font color=green>Stronger</font>"; }
if($sats['labour'] > $stats['labour']) { $labour="<font color=red>Weaker</font>"; } elseif($sats['labour'] == $stats['labour']) { $labour="<font color=blue>Equal</font>"; } else { $labour="<font color=green>Stronger</font>"; }
if($sats['IQ'] > $stats['IQ'])
$IQ="<font color=red>Weaker</font>";
else if($sats['IQ'] == $stats['IQ'])
$IQ="<font color=blue>Equal</font>";
$IQ="<font color=green>Stronger</font>";
print "<table width='75%' border='1' class='h'><tr><th>Primary</th> <th>Secondary</th><th>Armor</th></tr>
mysql_query("UPDATE users SET money=money-{$_GET['PAID']} WHERE userid=$userid",$c);
print "<table width='75%' border='1' class='h'><tr><th>Stats</th> <th>Your Stats</th><th>Compare</th></tr>
<tr><td>Strength: {$sats['strength']}</td><td>Strength: {$stats['strength']}</td><td><center>[b]$stren[/b]</center></td></tr>
<tr><td>Agility: {$sats['agility']}</td><td>Agility: {$stats['agility']}</td><td><center>[b]$agility[/b]</center></td></tr>
<tr><td>Guard: {$sats['guard']}</td><td>Guard: {$stats['guard']}</td><td><center>[b]$guard[/b]</center></td></tr>
<tr><td>Labour: {$sats['labour']}</td><td>Labour: {$stats['labour']}</td><td><center>[b]$labour[/b]</center></td></tr>
<tr><td>IQ: {$sats['IQ']}</td><td>IQ: {$sats['IQ']}</td><td><center>[b]$IQ[/b]</center></td></tr></table>
<table width='75%' border='1'><tr><td><center>[url='attack.php?ID={$_GET['][b]Attack?[/b][/url]</center></td></tr></table>";
print "<table width='45%' border='1' class='h'><tr><th>$$$</th><th>Misc</th></tr>
<tr><td>Money {$r['money']}</td><td>Rating: {$r['rating']}</td></tr>
<tr><td>Bank Money: {$r['bankmoney']}</td><td>Crime exp: {$r['crimexp']}</td></tr>
<tr><td>Nuggets {$r['crystals']}</td><td>Level: {$r['level']}</td></tr></table>";
print "<table width='75%' border='1' class='h'><tr><th>Name</th> <th>Ammount</th></tr>";
$z=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM inventory WHERE inv_userid={$_GET['ID']} ORDER BY inv_itemid DESC");
$t=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM items WHERE itmid={$e['inv_itemid']}",$c);
print "\n<tr><td>[b]{$itm['itmname']}[/b]</td><td>[b]{$e['inv_qty']}[/b]</td></tr>";
print "</table>
>[url='viewuser.php?u={$_GET[']Back To Profile.[/url]</br>

Created By Zero-Affect";

else if($_GET['ID'])
print "[b]You are hiring a spy on {$r['username']}[/b]

It will cost you $$cost for the spys expenses.
But be warned spying is not always 100% successful.

<form action='rentaspy.php' method='get'>
<input type='hidden' name='ID' value='{$_GET['ID']}' />
<input type='hidden' name='PAID' value='$cost' />
<input type='submit' value='Hire Spy'/></form>";



can anyone help me so it says wot the primary weapon , secondary weapons are when the user has them and the armor please

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