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Well the register page is out of order a bit due to your header.

Your Header is way to big to even fit on the screen.

When i Register, The "thanks you signed up, Enjoy your game" is way out of place.

I would also Suggest that the shoutbox should only be on one page.

It cuts down the gameplay if on more than one page.

Your Banner looks a bit on dull side, Maybe Spicing it up with a picture or something.

Got this query error when i tried to go to my properties.

QUERY ERROR: Table 'terror_ishz.properties' doesn't exist

Query was SELECT pr.*,h.* FROM properties pr LEFT JOIN houses h ON pr.prHOUSE=h.hID WHERE pr.prOWNER=34 ORDER BY h.hPRICE ASC

Other than that rest seems to look fine.

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