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Game themes


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Re: Game themes


I think you should be more specific...

Like... Game engine, version, what guidelines/subject you are looking to a theme, etc etc etc

From what i understand he just wants some themes, to base his game on.


Medieval ages

Pre-hestoric ages



Modern Life/Work

Mafia based


There are thousands....

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Re: Game themes

i guess also that it would be best to pick a theme which is a relatively new concept and not widely used but one that you know alot about. 1.) it makes it easier to become successful with a unique good idea 2.) if it is what you know about you should have no problems thinking of more ideas for your game.

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Re: Game themes

hey i am in need of a one of a kind layout for my game which is called Savage-City and its in Mccodes V2 i mainly would like it to go along with my game name but able 2 put a image as da background at some point in time if there is anything else you may need to know about what im looking for you can contact me threw da forum or on msn at [email protected]

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