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Primary and Secondary Weapon


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Hi CE i was wondering if any of you know how i can fix this problem i am having, when people attack on my game they have this little shifty way of doing it, they get the other person to disarm and the lower level attacks the higher level and gains a lot of exp, this is making it easier for people to get high exp and level up very fast, i was wondering if any of you knew a way around this, i dotn want anything which stops them attacking them when nothing is equiped as then people will just disarm when they log off so nobody can attack.

Thanks i will appritiate all of your responses.

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Re: Primary and Secondary Weapon

You could adjust exp gains based on whether or not the loser had a weapon equipped.

Like, if they didn't have a weapon equipped, drop the exp gain by 50%. And if they didn't have armor equipped, drop it another 50%.

If they didn't have either equipped, the total drop in exp gain would be 75%.

Does that work for you?

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Re: Primary and Secondary Weapon

Simplest thing...

Make it where if the other person can not be attacked without a weapon.

I had a problem like this before. I went a Completely differetn route...Not saying it on here lol to much to do to explain and get working on 50 games, lol...so just do something like this..


if($odata['equip_primary'] == 0 && $odata['equip_secondary'] == 0)
die ("Sorry you can not attack. This users has no weapon.");


Now thats really an example code is not tested. not sure if thats what tis called in your data base....but you might have to tweak it a little but thats basically what you want there.

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