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URGENT HELP!! Setup Game


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URGENT! I am in need of a coder who knows how to set up a text based game, ime having a few problems and i just need a few questions answering, so if you understand how to set up games then please comment back on this post and i will provide you with my msn and we can talk on their, thanks.

Regards Saint

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Re: URGENT HELP!! Setup Game

Saint, there's a couple things here you might want to note.

Number one, no one offering free support is going to be impressed by things like "Urgent" in bold and red text. Your problem, if it was that urgent, would necessitate spending some cash to purchase immediate support.

Number two, you didn't outline what your problem is. Most people offering free support are there because they enjoy offering free support. We aren't here because we want to chat on msn. By not outlining your problem, you virtually eliminate any chances of getting free support.

Third, you want folks to post, then you provide them with your msn and they have to contact you. You are the one seeking free support. To assume that folks are going to take all these extra steps for free is pretentious at the least.

You'll find lots of free help here, but the manner in which the help is sought out always determines the chances of actually getting free help.

Hope that helps.

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