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Quick please and thanks ;)


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When Messagg me on here via Private Messages, requiring Help on any scripts ive modded or updates.


Give as much information about it as possible, also a link to your game or Yahoo or MSN address.

Sending me messages like

it doesnt work,

can you help,

im getting an error,

or the best one to date was,

Need help cant stop gotta go out, can you look at it tell me the problem and i'll pay you,

is just a PURE waste of time and by the way i dont charge for help on my scripts as they are Free to begin with.

I will only help on scrits that i have done and WILL NOT help on any scripts on which i havent taken part...

Ive got 63 messages in my Inbox of pure Rubbish, to which i could have helped had you made a bit more of an effort to explain the problem.


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