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Help with OS


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I have decided to get rid of windows and use ubuntu and i have a issue installing wampp (for linux)

I have downloaded the zip folder and have tried to extract it using the terminal but i dunno the correct command to do it.


"can someone move this if it is in the wrong area"

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Re: Help with OS

I personally never used ubuntu, but instead of downloading XAMPP most Linux distributions have package management like yum of apt-get, you may even get those via a graphical user interface. Try to find how to add additional packages like that. If this fail, you may still use xampp (BTW reading the xampp page would have explained everything:)

tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.6.8a.tar.gz -C /opt

it will install all in /opt (bad choice for me)

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Re: Help with OS

lol dude you dont use wamp for Linux, lol...


check it..its easy follow this..

Click on System -> Adminstration -> Sypantic Manager.

This will open your sypantic manager. (You have to enter your password of course)

Now. In Synaptic.. Click on


Now click

Mark Packages by Task..

Check LAMP Server. click ok.

Now click Apply..

To learn more tips on using LAMP just google it or use Ubuntu forums. There are alot of tutorials on there.

And great choice to switch..

ALso..if ya like it. check out.

(Linux Mint)

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Guest Anonymous

Re: Help with OS

chmod +R 777 <path>

You will probably need to be root - and beware, having world-read/writeable is not a good idea -- better to put the path under ownership of the web server and put yourself into the same group to allow you r/w access.

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Re: Help with OS

What I did was insatalled



(When I installed those it gave me php)

Also when phpMyadmin ask if your using new LAMP select apache2

Also I did was made a Folder in my Home directiry..




Now, this is the folder I use to edit my files...

You do have to make a shortcut to the /var/www/ folder...


sudo ln -s /home/alabamahit/Projects/ /var/www/


Also I removed that index that they put in by default.


sudo rm /var/www/index.php


now of course "sudo" is just to make it run as a root your command might be different..

Just thought I would throw that out there,....maybe it will help you...

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