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[paid request] Travelling addon [paid request]


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Ok last idea...

I already have the flight time modification.

But i want to make this mod more advanced.

I want it have an option that you can try and be a stowaway if you get away with it you get into the country for free if you dont you end up in jail and with a fine.

I also want it to have the option where you can choose to fly via private jet, or normal airlines. If you fly via private jets it will cost more but your flight time will be cut shorter.

Please post how long it will take you to make the mod and how much it will cost.

Thank you.

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Re: [paid request] Travelling addon [paid request]

lol why would you want to pay for somthing that could be done for free

all you need to do is add is a little bit of code or new page into travel

for example create a page called private jet and copy and paste the travel into it and edit it so that its private jet instead also the travel time part of the script would need to be cut shorter

for the stowaway ill assume you will have to do the same as above and add a if caught and if get away function

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Re: [paid request] Travelling addon [paid request]

By all means someone can create these free.

But i would rather pay a member at CE for the mod,

Reason 1

Mod makers here have been getting less and less credit for their working over the past year, rarely does anyone pay for a mod any more. If no-one pays for a mod then the mod makers will leave.

Reason 2

We need some new ideas to be bought to the table, i can code this but with so much to do in my game i would rather pay and work on other mods.

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