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[paid request] Gym pass addon [paid request]


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I already have the gym passes mod and want a more advanced one.

My idea was...

A user has the option of paying full price for a week's pass (price depending on level).

Or they can go for a half price week pass which is a forgery. each time they enter the gym they run the risk of getting jail time and losing their forged pass.

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Re: [paid request] Gym pass addon [paid request]

lol again why pay all it is a few lines in gym and your gym pass mod

in my oppinion create a new file called forgepass or summit like that and paste you pass mod into it and edit it so its half price and instead of gym_pass (or whatever it is) make it forge_pass

also in gym add in a if caught and a if get away function

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Re: [paid request] Gym pass addon [paid request]

By all means someone can create these free.

But i would rather pay a member at CE for the mod,

Reason 1

Mod makers here have been getting less and less credit for their working over the past year, rarely does anyone pay for a mod any more. If no-one pays for a mod then the mod makers will leave.

Reason 2

We need some new ideas to be bought to the table, i can code this but with so much to do in my game i would rather pay and work on other mods.

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