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[paid requests] Advanced attacking system [paid requests]


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Option 1

My first idea was an extension to iamwicked's attack system. When you attack a user with his mod it hits them in a certain place and shows where on the skeleton picture. I am after the same thing but the damage comes down to not just strengh and agility but where you hit them. so 1/10 you will hit them in the heart causing more damage than hitting them in the foot wich you hit 1/3. If i have confused you let me know.

Option 2

Similer to option 1 but you click on a certain anatomy on the picture to attack you have a % chance of hitting that place so if you went to hit someone in the hear you would have less chance of hitting them than going to hit them in the foot. although if you do succeed you will do more damaged hitting them in the heart.

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Re: [paid requests] Advanced attacking system [paid requests]


then y would this go into free modifications duuuuh

is that all you posted for to criticise the kid if you read his other posts you will know why he posted here not in paid mods section

and 03laceys try contacting wicked and ask if he can customise it for you im sure he'll be happy to help

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