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Need Help


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Hi, i pretty sure this is the wrong place, i'm helping a mate out on his site, i've been looking thro the sql protection on here and there all confusing which ones to use and which one's not, CONFUSED.COM..... can some-one please put a sql here that protects everything and where would it go on what page, this would help loads of members, thanks :mrgreen:

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Re: Need Help

put this in your header....


$sql = ("THERE is NO such THING");


If it was so simple to have one thing secure your site...then you would not need to post it would be in the code already cause it was so simple..

To secure your codes...LEARN TO CODE.....at least some, lol...



Check out sprintf and mysql real strips...

And yes its VERY confussing....VERY VERY...if it was easy everyone would do it....no wait seems they are, lol..

Just joking....

Seriously though check the link and keep lookin in the site like you been...LEARN WHAT YOUR DOING...dont just see what to put somewhere..

That is why your confussed..

You want to know what to type and where to put it. If you learn WHAT your doing, and WHY your doing it, you will understand..

Dont take this the wrong way..its not ment in disrespect or to bash ya...

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