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alert box


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alert box


<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

alert("Welcome to bla bla bla")



just add this code anywhere in between <body> and </body>

Anyways if you couldn't find that just paste the codes in the end of the source file.

mostly add this code at login.php its like welcome screen, then user will have to prest OK button to continue :)

if any one having problem just ask me...

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Re: alert box

Alert boxes are notorious for annoying users...

Using one on your logged in page is a good way to ensure folks don't come back to your game.

I recommend using them very sparingly. Like for instance, you have a site that accepts payments by credit card and you want to make absolutely sure that they don't submit a form twice, you can use a confirm pop up to notify the user that they should not submit the form again after clicking okay.

Even then, the use of javascript pop ups are not recommended.


One of the few legitimate uses of alert boxes is for debugging javascript. And even then, it's not the best way to debug a script, but often times it turns out to be the fastest way to get at the info needed to debug a script.


So, do yourself a favor and try not to use alert boxes.

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