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[mccode v2] Steal (Money / Crystals) [$10.00]


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Availability: 10 Copies


Price: $10.00 USD



1 php file(steal.php)

1 txt file(Install.txt)



This modification is used has a profile option, used to steal crystals and money from the selected user.

Basically it allows a user to steal Money and Crystals from another user without using attack, obviously they wouldn't make any experience or get has much money, but its a good way for weak members to steal from stronger members.

It can be edited very easily with a specified config section of the modification.

But as people say words are nothing compared to pictures so view the screen shots below.


Screen Shots:

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2



Contact Me:

[email protected] [MSN]

or message me on here [CE].


This mod is only for v2 you can convert it yourself if you wish.

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Re: [mccode v2] Steal (Money / Crystals) [$10.00]


1 copy left

He never said it was sold, somone just asked for it to be reserved, guess he didn;t contact him.

Actually, I saw there was one left and brought it.


Thats why I said it, and it wasn't to be rude.

Just to be a bit cheeky.

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