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Task: the 10! minigame


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this evening we (nyna, templar, bluedevil and I) had a nice chat session at IRC.

Basicly about math.

So we came up to give a task to CE members related to n!


Make a shuffle mini game with 10!

Player section:

Note instead of the number 10 we replace it with 0 to make it visually better

Player sees a sequence of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 option [shuffle] if [shuffle] is clicked a new sequence is given

example: 1st is 1234567890 next shuffle is 4021356789

Player clicks submit, accept or whatever


Each day a winner is picked that

a. is closest to the script generated shuffle 24h ago

b. who has the exact same sequence of numbers

Now for a. the closest to the script generated sequence

2 options

1. the 'levenstein distance'

2. the 'numerical value'

The script itself will generate each day 1 sequence and store it to use 24h later to pick a winner

Programming language

Whatever you like, is it php, php+mysql, c++ or even visual basic up to you in what you want to write it

You can team up with another CE member to try this lil task out

Lets start and see what we all come up with, will be nice to see the different methods used

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Re: Task: the 10! minigame


10! = 3,628,800 variations of those numbers

have fun!! haha

yep correct, 3,628,800 different sequences yet that number looks big but that doesn't say your source code will be 3 mill lines

a sequence can be generated in 1 line with php

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Re: Task: the 10! minigame

Looks like this will be fun

Some of our members joined chat to talk about this task

I've seen so far

4 PHP methods to generate the sequence

1 javascript method

1 c method

A member is possibly busy with a python method

The second step to determine a winner, I've not seen anything yet.

The snippets I've seen it's not for me to post or make them public I leave that to the members that created them to post it in this thread.


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