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Board Rules and Guidelines


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Global Board Rules

- This forum is only for discussion of MC/DBSCode - for other discussion visit other forums on CE.

- Inappropriate or off-topic topics will be locked, moved or deleted on a per-topic basis.

CE has in no way any affiliation with mccode

- we can not give support to persons that bought a license of mc/dbscode.

- any support given by CE members is on a volunteer base or paid service by the member itself.

- we can not be hold liable for transactions between members using CE services (pm, forum, ...)

CE stance about pirated copies

- we find that using non licensed versions of mc/dbscode is unethical, posts can be deleted on request by the copyright holder.

- we will protect CE members if one of their mods is posted for free on CE, the offender will be banned and legal advice can be given to the modwriter.

- again we can only know if the posted mod is stolen if the author contacts us.

CE stance about members regarding mc/dbscode

- Any member admitting to abusing mc/dbscode exploits in other peoples games will get perm banned.

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Re: Board Rules and Guidelines

Posting Mccodes related content

To help people find specific mccode version help or mods, please prefix your post, with the appropriate prefix shown below:


  • [Mccodes Lite]
  • [Mccodes V1]
  • [Mccodes V2]
  • [Mccodes V1/V2]
  • [Mccodes L/V1]
  • [Mccodes L/V2]


Forum updates will be made to make this more easier for you, in the mean time please follow these guidelines

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