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Tourney System Mod 75% complete (UPDATE)


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I found a tourney script which was discontinued in 2002 yep its old and it only runs off php4 but i've given it a rebirth i sent an email to the script writer who Hasnt replied back to me for a few weeks.

The only reason im trying to give it a new lease of life is because its cram packed full of decent features that i feel would be good for. Tournaments against other MORPG sites. and your own site

the system allows you to create Tournaments not only for you own webiste but you can introduce other websites to join in the fun.

Bit like a Global Battle Ladder.

However im having a few issues converting the php4 to work on php5 mainly the dbase isnt updating when i try to add tournaments. Ive redone the installer and fixed a lot of bugs.

and im getting hash errors. So if anyone could help me out id be appreciative

Ive managed to get rid of a great deal of errors from the script by redoing the php files and converting them into TPL. However the downside to this is that it needs its own Cache folder so it will now need to be installed seperatly from your MCC preferably on s sub-domain. Ive also added to the installer so it CHMODS the needed files. to save you from doing it..

Still having issues with Cookies as its not storing them... and its annoying the hell outta me having to login to each page.

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