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[TGM] Gang Battle Zone [TGM]


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Gang Battle Zone

Created By: Cronus

Presidents can sign their gang up for the gang battle zone.

The fee to sign up is (gangs respect/10) crystals.

Your gang receives 100 'battle zone points' upon sign up.

Once signed up, you can challenge other gangs that are signed up to battle or wait for another gang to challenge yours.

You wager money/crystals/respect (at least 1 of each).

When challenged, a gang can accept or decline the challenge.

If accepted, the 2 gangs go into 'battle'.

When in battle, gangs attack each other to eliminate all of the opposing gangs battle zone points.

To take battle zone points you must attack a member of the opposing gang and beat them.

For each opponent defeated, the opposing gang loses 1 point (there is no way to gain extra battle zone points).

Once one gang is defeated the other takes the wager.

Gang battles last a maximum of 5 days (120 hours).

If time runs out, the battle ends and the gangs lose the money and crystals they wagered on the battle(not the respect).

This mod is great for setting up gang tournaments.

Gangs can battle just like regular but not lose any actual respect(unless bet upon).




$75.00 USD

Click here to purchase.

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