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Special Characters

The Ace

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Hello all.

I was wondering, do special characters in names, such as: ? ? ? ? affect sending messages to that user?

In a game that I played, I had special characters in my name, and sometimes I could receive messages, yet sometimes I couldn't....

Anyone actually know why this happened!? Ggl. :lol:

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Re: Special Characters

well, if people have to type in your name, i.e., in a user search, they'll likely never type those sorts of characters in. (and on that grounds, I don't allow special characters alone)

if you are getting errors in any database queries due to improperly escaped characters or even perhaps using the deprecated mysql_escape instead of the newer mysql_real_escape_string.

Although I'm no expert on character encodings, PHP doesn't have the kind of support for the full range of characters as one might expect. PHP 6 (and perhaps PHP 5.3.0) introduces support for UNICODE which is supposed to greatly improve character suppose.

That stuff is tricky and it's best to just not allow it IMHO

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