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[mccode v2] usersonline.php


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Re: usersonline.php


I'm sick of all this babyish talk.

"OMG yhoo did nt mayk dis !!111one"

Even IF he didn't make this, he may have changed it slightly and providing the real maker has acknowledged that it is up, then it's fine.

Quit whinning people, just accept the fact that things may be put up twice that appear similar.

It's just pathetic.

I did not make this post I just copied it from someone and added an extra one in the quote. Please care.

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Re: usersonline.php


Seriously, nurple's made this usersonline.php. :|

Well, to be fair in his post nowhere did he say he made :P nor who made it.


This is a better usersonline check it out and tell me what you think thanks


You're unable to view this code.

Viewing code within this forum requires registration, you can register here for free.


hope you like it.

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