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[REVIEW] Nowhere Else and Beyond - Yet MMO


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Nowhere Else and Beyond is not new and some of you knows it (maybe):


However what is new, is that since a little time we do offer complete MMO experience like players seeing each others on the 2D map, being able to chat on the 2D map, and battling together against monsters.

We improved also a lot of areas like our Javascript engine which now work like a charm in FF even while using the 2D map in full screen, and even IE is now usable as long as you don't make the browser window too big. IE 8 works also like a charm.

We added also all sort of oddies, like player statues which can be placed on the maps, making fires (which are visible by other players), player corps when dying etc...

So visit us if you never did it so far, or re-visit us if you didn't since some time. And comment your experience of course ;-)

Alain Bertrand

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