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[mccode v2] PIjrc Chat Jameos Way !


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Hi I Tryed Tonkas Way And I Got Errors So Download Them Files And Then Upload Them Then Do These Step By Step

Chat Commands


1. First Of All Make A Room : /join #Name Here

2. Register Your Room /cs register #Same As when u created a room CHANNELPASS description

3. Register Nick / Operator : /ns register YOURPASS YOUR-EMAIL

4. Login To Your Chat As Operator: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password / same pass as when you made a room

5. Get Help : /Helpop // Get A Bot // Up To You


6. Do The Topic Of The Room /topic #Channel-name topicofthechat

Last But Not Least Create Chat.php With This


You're unable to view this code.

Viewing code within this forum requires registration, you can register here for free.


Thanks This Should Help You 100% More If You Need Anything Else With Chat Just Post It Or Pm Me

Seeking For Positive Comments


I Made The Chat A Bit Bigger But You Can Change It In Chat.php Just Open chat.php With Notepad And Click

Ctrl + F And Then width=700 height=500>

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Re: [mccode v2] PIjrc Chat Jameos Way !

That's Jameo for ya... always ripping off premade scripts... I have seen this in MANY MANY places, and I have my own in which I gave to Jameo and he tried to sell it... This should not be posted here by him as he didn't create it...

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