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Last thing before i host my game


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Hi again

I have worked on my game for a long time to get it so good i can pretty much out off ideas now but i can say you can do very much in game all from make your own boost,drug to rob banks,steal cars,become loneshark and so on

The only thing i have left is my cron i think its the worst part lol i just need them to run liek they should have everythign i need to run them

I set myself in jail for 5 minutes i run www.mydomain.com/cron_minute.php

But it says 5 minutes all the time :/

Do i run it wrong or is it wrong coded in the cron file what you think and do i need to post the cron file ? :P

Thanks for the answers little exitet to host it after all work its finally so close to get hosted

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Re: Last thing before i host my game

Yes, then go into the code and at the bottom of the page, put something like...

print "Cron Success";

Or something like that at the bottom of the page, then run the


XXXXXX being the code in config.php and if you see the "Cron Success, it means your file is working correctly, if it doesnt, it should tell you where the error is!

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