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  1. Re: miniNEaB version 4.0 Would be good to have a movie with examples of all the features :)
  2. Re: miniNEaB version 4.0 Do you also see other players moving on the map? To get the feeling that its actually a multiplayer game?
  3. Always fun to know as a developer how much you coded, so here is a nice script I use to <censored>yse my own browsergame http://www.landofdestiny.com. It counts the amount of images, lines and characters so perfect for browsergames: edit: place it in a folder and it will check that folder + all directories in it.   <?php $map = "./"; class Stats { private $map; private $ext_img = array(); public $directories = array(); public $stats; public function __construct($map) { $this->map = $map; $this->ext_img = array("jpg","gif","jpeg","png","bmp"); $this->getFilesR
  4. Re: An introduction to security If you have alot of spare time it might be fun to try some of the security challenges of my old website http://www.net-force.nl Yea can learn alot php & javascript in there, might also be worth checking some of the texts (most of them are old but still good info). Also explained how xss works, yes I was one of the first to discover xss, but stopped in 2002 with this website. Currently working on a browser game, much more fun :)
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