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Photoshop Vent Tutorial By me


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Hello this is my first tutorial i decided to make a tutorial for Criminal-Existence uses i made it on photoshop more tutorials this is a video tutorial enjoy..

http://criminal-assassins.co.cc/Simpe-P ... -vents.wmv

do you now dont need to dowload the video go to http://criminal-assassins.co.cc/Simpe-P ... -vents.wmv and it will open the video

If there is a problam try opening it with windows media if that doesn't work then download

camtasia the link is there to download it under my post .


Its basicly vent tutorial you can use it anytime and you can learn how to basic shading enjoy

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Re: Photoshop Vent Tutorial By me

the website will be back up when you finally get free hosting aye. :|

why dont you just sign up to 000webhost.com or something.

i told you to use that free host and you declined and kept bugging me for free hosting

just use the free damn hosting! :lol:

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