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What features do you want?


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Re: What features do you want?

i love my ver 2 there were some few bugs gotem all fixed i want to see a dog racing, fighting mods,

some buisness mods tied into the stockmarket ,racing ,a jail mod where you bribe the prison gaurd and

it random what he will take each time by your level,also maybe some blackjack,poker,for gambleing maybe even

a a turf mod for each gang to make money and respect gang ranks like petty gang cartel ,mafia, you get my drift

well i figure your a coder or something and you asked about 2.0 and what mods i want to see for this ver so

i hope this helps you and everyone trying to better php gaming and entertainment


thanx canibalstew

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Re: What features do you want?

I have no complaints with 2.0.  Any mods I desire I can, and have, done myself.  I have a bigger problem thinking of ideas than I do writing the program.  I have some really awesome 2.0 mods in the game I'm developing but they're not for sale and currently top secret. ;)

Anyone who can give me a detailed idea that fits a pre-modernization theme, can have the mod for free or close to it.....  Of course it has to be an idea I like too...


Horse Racing, Fighting Mods, and Gang turf sound promising but they dont give a lot to go on. Well I could do horse racing but it wouldn't be any more fun than a random Pick a number game. It takes a creative mind to make simple ideas entertaining.

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