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Command and Conqure


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Who likes C&C? i mean my all time favorite C&C is generals i like the idea creating building were you like, it may not be beliveabul but i think its alot better than some C&C's

C&C Red alert 3---COMING SOON------this looks really good read up on this

C&C Tiberian Wars----good game

C&C Renegade-----also a good game

which C&C do you like?

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Re: Command and Conqure


well screw you lol i like C&C Generals and i think i always will :-D however its not the best one by far

I think you should lay off your language, I'm just trying to say "I DO NOT LIKE IT",

And I agree with you, It's not the best game and never will be, you no why?

Because its **** :wink:

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