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[SHOWCASE] Criminal Force - Free online MMORPG: Police Force vs. Crime Force


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Title: Criminal Force

Site URL: http://www.criminalforce.net

Site Description: This is a brand new MMORPG which is in public development, players take the role of either a criminal or a police officer. You are in New York, USA and are competing the other force but also all individual players. The levelling system here is slightly different from other websites in that you can actually lose level, this is partly because in this game there is no "killing" or other permanent loss of accounts via game features. We invite anybody to join up and help test out, following along the development this month.

I've noticed that alot of people here seem to use open source scripts or other paid scripts, I don't think it is of huge significance but this website is not based on existing source code.

As described at the website...


Criminal Force is a free to play MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), which is text based and can be played entirely from your web browser. The twist at this website though is that there are two forces which are ultimately against eachother, although you are also competing against every single player. The two forces are the Police force and the Criminal force, both of which have equal opportunities to more forward and level up in the game.


Most parts of the game are based on time, for example you may have to wait 5 minutes after attempting an activity to do the same activity again. Many players have already played a similar game to this before, but if you haven't just read the quick "How to play" guide below, which should help you get started.


The game is set in New York, U.S.A - year 2008 (present). There are various cities that you can travel to within New York via car, allowing you to access different areas of the game and buy or sell items.

I hope people sign up to give it a go, perhaps stick around during the public development. The game is not being reset or anything, you are welcome to begin normal play now but there is much more to come and I can't promise things will stick as they are now, everything and anything is subject to change :-P [your account on the other hand, will stick around along with its statistics]

Thanks for reading.

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Re: [sHOWCASE] Criminal Force - Free online MMORPG: Police Force vs. Crime Force

Thanks for the kind comments guys.


What sort of things do the Police Force have instead of crimes? :lol:

At the moment the differences between the two forces are minimal. Basically they're the same features with different stories/wording to them, the police activities are generally quite sketchy/crooked ones.

As the game progresses in the next few weeks, more features will appear which are really different for each force - such as the multiple person / group activities. We call them activities by the way so that players from different forces don't get confused, each can be referred to by a number shown next to it in the menu for simplicity :) (they have different names for people on different forces)

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Re: [sHOWCASE] Criminal Force - Free online MMORPG: Police Force vs. Crime Force

Ooh, sounds nice!

By the way, I email your support. ;)

I take it that one of the new features will be the "Streets"?

I'm looking forward to the upcoming updates! :lol:

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