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[Help] Installing mccodes v2


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I just got a quick question. Each time I run the McCodes installer I fill out the information and run it. I get this error;

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'Private'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /www/vndv.com/w/o/r/worldofsamurai/htdocs/class/class_db_mysql.php on line 46

FATAL ERROR: Could not connect to database on localhost (Access denied for user 'Private'@'localhost' (using password: YES))

I'm positive its related to the information i enter at the database config section, but I've tried a load of things.

I do have a database created and a user created.

Username Database Name

worldofsamurai_theneedle worldofsamurai_database1

These are just test so I can figure this out, but that exactly should I fill out to fix this problem?



Database Name:

Your help is greatly appreciated.

TheNeedle :-D

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Re: [Help] Installing mccodes v2


Go to config.php in file manager, then where it says

'username' => 'Username here',

'password' => 'DB password here',

'database' => 'database name here',

And fill it our with the correct details...

so, tell me if this looks right

with made up acc and pass

username = worldofsamurai_adm

password = admin

database = worldofsamurai_mccodes

Considering mccodes is my database and adm is my user attached to it.


IF that is the correct way to do it then there must be something else that causes my error.

Can anyone verify if that's correct please and thankyou

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Re: [Help] Installing mccodes v2

Well if this is your details here as you posted before

Username Database Name

worldofsamurai_theneedle worldofsamurai_database1

Then it would be like this:

'username' => 'worldofsamurai_theneedle',

'password' => 'admin',

'database' => 'worldofsamurai_database1',

The password that you wrote "admin", well is that the password you chose when you made your Database User? Because the password your meant to use is the password you used to make your DB user???

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Re: [Help] Installing mccodes v2

Danger boy isin't online, I could use anyones help at this point.

I'm not quite sure if its what I enter as the information is correct, but, from what I understand I think it is.

These are the exact details I enter:



databse: worldofsamurai_mccodes

TheNeedle is assigned to the mccodes database and has all privileges available.

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