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Oh hey me, too!


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Okay I should do one of these 'cause I like them =D

Okay umm I was asked to come here by Scarlet 'cause she's my lover.

Umm I don't play online games much anymore because of my lack of attention span. I started on TC, got hooked on that and learned my lesson. :( You can ask me to join your game, but I forget very easily. I'm actually surprised I haven't forgotten to come here every day. I think it's because it's summer time so I have too much time and nothing to do and the internet gets boring very fast.

So I guess I'm here mostly because I do art! Not graphical stuff really, but I do do (doodoo *giggle*) character art, concept art stuff. Provided you give me adequate information (>_> and money), I'll be happy to do art for you :D

I also like to chat a lot so feel free to befriend me (>_> for money) d:


D: I also seem to have one of those nifty Designer+ things. S'mawesome!

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