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Money cap..


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I fixed the money cap once before by editing the (int) values in cyberbank.php, bank.php etc but they've reverted back to $2147483647. I've looked around in phpmyadmin and I can't find any files with any variables to change.

Any ideas how I can remove/raise this cap?

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Re: Money cap..

when i changed my cap awhile back, i was was told to goto into the db and change the int(11) to BIGINT(15) or what ever i wanted it at and then go into the file  for example


then find the lines that contain this


and take the (int) completely out, so for example in my bank.php to remove to cap on my withdraw amount i changed

$_POST['withdraw']=abs((int) $_POST['withdraw']);




im still new at all this php shit and i dont know if what i did was done correct but it seemed to work so i left it at that lol

hope it helpz you some :-D

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Re: Money cap..

yeah the way DaKingB said to do it in that last forum i just posted a link to seems to work alot better, ill quote it here since the other forum has nothing at all to do with the subject lol i dunno why i posted there to start with :lol:


Go through every page and find where the lines say things like:

$_POST['bankmoney'] = abs((int) $_POST['bankmoney']);

and make them info float lines:

$_POST['bankmoney'] = abs((float) $_POST['bankmoney']);

Then you just need to change the values in the database from int(11) to bigint(20)

Thats how i removed the caps from my money/crystals/bank deposits/withrawals etc.


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