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Crime success exp help


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Re: Crime success exp help

yes i am on 2.0 and i really am trying to get my crimes up the sucess exp and crime math is where i get lost i

orriginally wanted 155 crimes but every one says they wont do the work for less than 100 - 200 dollars and for just the crime math and exp no writing all on a txt document

so i have been trying to figure it out if you can help i would appreciate it!!!!! actually i would really like

to get it to where it all depends on crime exp


Thanx canibalstew

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Re: Crime success exp help

2.0 user here. I dont understand the CrimeExp variable that's associated with each user. I've kinda given up and decided to just let it be.

If you're talking about the amount of Exp you earn, again that's very simple. It's a formula just like the one already posted...I'm not going to go check but this looks right from what I saw.

$ir['exp']+=(int) ($r['crimeSUCCESSMUNY']/8);

I dont see why 155 crimes is an issue. Well aside from the fact that I have no clue how to be creative enough to come up with 155 crimes. Here's what I do know.

It picks a random number between 1 and 100. Each crime has a formula, Defaulted at


So it takes the forumula, crunches the numbers and you may get a result like 34. It then compares the random number to your forumula solution. If 34 > the randon number, you succeed.

Don't know if any of this helps, but like I said, the crimeexp variable is the one part of the code I dont understand at this time.

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Re: Crime success exp help

Anyone ever figureout how the CrimeExp variable works? Most my players can bust out of jail 95% of the time because their crimeExp is way too high. I know I need to lower the CrimeExp given by the crimes, but I have no idea what ratio to use.

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