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Mafia Game Script v1.5 released.. SAVE $75.00


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We have taken some measures to ensure that the scripts legitimacy stays in tact.

The script requires a license now and is verified on install of the script.

There will be no down time if my server is down as like i said its verified on install.


Heavy security measures to ensure no exploits, bad error codes, sql injection, cross site scripting can occur within the game script.

Install time has been cut down to a third of what it was in prior setups.

Demo: http://mafia.dedicatedgamingnetwork.com

user: admin

pass: demo

Script is now sold exclusively from http://www.game-script.net

For those that had a previous version paid for 100.00 up to version 1.2 you will recieve a special discount by contacting me personally.

All new purchases get a 75.00 discount for being a CE member.

use voucher code: mdshare

Original price is: 250.00

Grab your copy today for $175.00

Previous purchasers grab yours today for 75.00 (must PM me with transaction number from paypal or google check out or your email address paid from)

There is an update service now incorporated with this and available.

Mods will be put up for sale for the mafia game script from game-script.net

This is the 3rd large update released for this script in less then 3 months. So the updates are more then worth the price.


As you will see we also have a Medieval game script v1.0 available as well.

Demo: http://www.dedicatedgamingnetwork.com/medival

user: admin

pass: demo


Any questions please feel free to ask.


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