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Editing staff levels


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Re: Editing staff levels

i want the owner panel so i can edit and limit what other staff has access to but still be able to have myself access to everything on the admin panel has and more

i thought about just moven the staff around

for example changen:

Admin Panel to Owner panel

Secretary Panel to Admin panel

keepin assistant and doin away with the secretary


then i would have to change alot of codes like what level sees what and the user level on the profiles

that just sounded like to much work if there was a way to just make a new user level in the database

but in the database all i seen that related to user_level didnt have a way to make a new one

its just a single table that sets the default user level to 1 when somebody signs up

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Re: Editing staff levels

well  lets see if I can explain this,   yes  user_level it the field in the DB that depics what level the person is.    Now as for adding new levels  you will need to go through all your staff panels and change the level number and name to your new system so that they can access the areas that you want them to access.     My current levels are as follows   1=general players  2=owner 3=admin 4=sec 5=assistant 6=ircop       You would also need to change in you admin panel where it assigns the staff positions as well so that when you get a new staff member they will be given the correct level that you choose.  One of these areas would be this one in your admin.php file


function userlevelform()
global $ir,$c,$h,$userid;

print "<h3>User Level Adjust</h3>
<form action='owner.php' method='get'>
<input type='hidden' name='action' value='userlevel'>
User: ".user_dropdown($c,'ID')."

User Level:

<input type='radio' name='level' value='1' /> Member

<input type='radio' name='level' value='2' /> Super Admin

<input type='radio' name='level' value='3' /> Admin

<input type='radio' name='level' value='4' /> Secretary

<input type='radio' name='level' value='5' /> Ass Hat

<input type='radio' name='level' value='6' /> IRCop

<input type='submit' value='Adjust' /></form>";


I hope this helps

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