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i'll show you my V2 old explore.php and could you try to fix it ..?? the explore.php will be below..


include "globals.php";

$tresder=(int) rand(100,999);

if($ir['jail'] or $ir['hospital']) { die("This page cannot be accessed while in jail or hospital."); }

print "

Welcome to the City Deadly Ghetto you can start to Explore and maybe buy a few things you like.


Market Place






Item Market


Auction Market


Bullets Market

Serious Money Makers


Staff Applications


Heathrow Airport


Estate Agent


City Bank";

if($ir['location'] == 5)


print "


Cyber Bank



print "

Dark Side




Ghetto Wars


Ghetto Prison


Slots Machine




Lucky Dip

if($ir['location'] == 5)a>";


print "


Super Slots



print "

Statistics Dept


User List


{$set['game_name']} Staff


Hall of Fame


Ghetto Stats


Soldiers Online





Polling Station


Bullet Temple


Battle Tent


Need For Speed


Car Market


Car Yard


Car Central


Your Garage


Drag Racer V3



Ghetto Arcade


Tactical Tanks


Stick Cricket


Kill Crazy Frog


War On Terrorist




Las Vegas Dreams




Body Guard


Ghetto Lottery


Whore House


Donater Day Market




Ghetto Side


Pet Shop




Unique Polls


Honour Awards


Honour Excahnge




This is your referal link: http://{$domain}/register.php?REF=$userid


Every signup from this link earns you two valuable crystals!";



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