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Cron MYSQL Link Problem.


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I have finally sorted out the "Access Denied" problem relating to the MYSQL login. Now the problem is the mysql links. As an example this is hospital.php, ( the error is happening with all the cron php's)


Warning: mysql_query(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /usr/home/ben/public_html/mafia/SuPerdupercronSZ/are/not/4u/hospital.php on line 5


the line is:

mysql_query("UPDATE users set hospital=hospital-1 WHERE hospital>0",$c);


any ideas how to sort this out? :?

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Re: Cron MYSQL Link Problem.

did you include the mysql.php page?

the ,$c part is optional anyway, its not needed for the query to run. without it, it just uses the last connection opened with mysql_connect(). and since its a warning, it generally doesn't do much to interfere with the running of the script

also, im pretty sure you don't need global $c anywhere, except inside functions.

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