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Alright let me first say that I have done searched for almost an hr trying to find what I'm about to ask so please spare me the "use the search function" & if somehow by the grace of God I overlooked it I'm sorry.

I'm doing crimes and everything is A ok except for the part where the user fails, it will say they are in jail but yet they are still able to attempt the crime even though it says your in jail. I'm clueless as to why its still letting them continue even after failing.

Could someone please tell me what the problem might be?

Thank You Kindly

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Re: Question

just put this at the top of any page you don't want a user to access while they are in the hosp or jail


if($ir['jail'] or $ir['hospital']) {
echo("This page cannot be accessed while in jail or hospital.");
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Re: Question

I've tried it but, one would still beable to continue doing that crime just by hitting the refresh button.

Removed the try again option but like I said all they have to do is hit refresh and they can go on.

Thank You for trying to help though :-)

EDIT: I found where the trouble was thanks anyways Tonka :-)

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