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Help With announments


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ok announments have really been doing my head in so i thought i would post.


i have completely replaced my announcments.php file with the the orignal announcments and it all works fine.

but the problem is that it dont show Announcments when i announce them i have seen a post on how to do this already but the part of the code it tells you to find does not exesist in mainmenu.php.

im pretty new but i know my way around the cpanel and everything.

any one know how to fix this? thanks

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Re: Help With announments

from what i read i think your having problems with "Announcements (0)" not changing to "Announcements (1)" when there is a new announcement, if that is indeed what you are having problems with here is the code that i use


print "[url='announcements.php']Announcements ({$ir['new_announcements']})[/url]
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