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[REVIEW] Modern Mobstars - Please review!!


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Title: Modern Mobstars

Site URL: http://mobstar.tgd-productions.co.cc

Site Description: One day you woke up in a local hospital in London from being hit into a coma. The doctor says you are fine and checks you out of the hospital. While you are walking home, a mysterious well built man with a Hummer H3 pulls up behind you. You look behind and there he is grabbing you by the throat and throwing you into the car. As you enter the car the man forces you in the back seat and with 2 body guards holding your arms. The man says 'My boss wants to speak to you'. Before you can say anything you get hit round the head by a 9mm pistol.

When you wake up once again you are slumped on the floor. They pick you up and handcuff you. You are looking around you and you see a lot of photo's of very well known classic bosses. Now as you reach the door you feel something bad is going to happen. The door opens and you see a table with a chair backwards. The guards push you in and close the doors. You start to look around a little worried. You walk down the long room to sit down. Everything is quiet then suddenly you notice a gun on the table. You were about to take it until the man speaks 'I have been waiting for you'.

The chair turns around and there you see a man. He looks like a mafia boss with a cigar in his hand wearing a black suit with a multi coloured tie. You are looking eye to eye and you see the mafia boss looking dry. He reaches his hand to his pocket and gets out an envelope with your name on with a smudge on blood on the bottom. Mafia boss says 'Open it'. Before you open it you look at the boss. He nods at you and then you open it.

It’s a letter. It reads:


You don’t know me but I surely know you. I have heard things have been happening with you lately? Well let’s leave that for the time being. I really need your help on this mission I need you to do. All I will say for now is come visit me in Paris France, I suggest you get a ferry across as I need a Ferrari Enzo. I also need two C4 and two ak-47's. I will meet you there in 10 hours. Here is your £10,000 spend it well!


From ?

An adictive game based of life as a gangster

P.S. i know some pages are missing im fixing them asap

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