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[REVIEW] MercenaryLords - Please review!!!


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Hello i am buying a copy of this game called MercenaryLords, i want a different review to most, i want an idea of what types of coding languages would be needed... i.e. PHP unix and co, i would ask the owner but i have annoyed him with many questions...

I know unix is needed and the basics like HTML, well thats obvious but any others also i would like a view on how much it would cost to hire a cheap coder to do a few small changes and most of the changes are already there in old files if your a coder and would like to do the changes for some cash please state your name and some information where i could contact you.

The Game will be called Warlords-Showdown and the domain can be located at http://www.warlords-showdown.com/

Title: Warlords-Showdown

Site URL: http://www.warlords-showdown.com/

Site Description: Not created yet.


The original game is at http://www.mercenarylords.com/

Title: MercenaryLords

Site URL: http://www.mercenarylords.com/

Site Description: A strange game, different but a very good one none the less.

Thanks whatever you do!

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