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Bars Stopped Working


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Re: Bars Stopped Working

If you want to see if your crons are working, go to "cron jobs" and then to "advanced unix style" and enter an email such as "[email protected]" or watever suits you...

Then go to the email and you will be receiveing approximatly 80+ cron jobs a hour...But once a few crons have been processed such as, hospital, jail, energy will etc You will receieve email such as "hospital cron"

Go into the email and if it says you have an error as in the cron isnt working (fairly obvious to work out), it will have where the error is and u can fix it from their, however if the crons are working, then i am not sure what the problem is...

Hope this helps you

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Re: Bars Stopped Working

Thank you so much for reminding me about checking config.php, it turns out that all of the codes were different.

:? I have no idea how this could have possibly happened, though thanks for all of your help. :-D

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