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[REVIEW] Thug Mayhem - Please Review!!!


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Title: Thug Mayhem

Site URL: http://www.thugmayhem.com

Site Description: Thug Mayhem is only 4 days old and we are looking for some members to play. This is the first game I have ever run, but I am catching on quick. Come check out the game and let me know what you like and don't like. I am sure there are some people here with experience who can give some good advice. Thanks everyone!

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Re: [REVIEW] Thug Mayhem - Please Review!!!

[Review Of Thug Mayhem] [Date : 28/05/08]

Thug Mayhem Seems To Be Running Of A Lite V1 Engine Or V1.1 Engine With Not That Many Features On It Just The Basics E.g



Advanced Search

Forums (Think It's Been Added)

Hitman Agency

Advertising Agency (Very Good Feature)

The Games Layout Is Very Basic And I Can't Really Say Anymore

The Games Maintanence Looks To Be Running Quite Well With A Total Of 6 Active Staff

The Game Economy Is Doing Well Too With A Total Of 115 Registerd Players

Improvements :

Make It More User Freindly

Add More Features

Edit The Layout (Maybe A Picture Of Some Sort Just To Liven Things Up)

Have A Nice Day -TE-

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Re: [REVIEW] Thug Mayhem - Please Review!!!

This game is way to Plain even stilll....its been OVER 120 days since last post and still PLAIN!!......oh yeah...the Ad at the Top of page...Nothing against throwing an ad on there....but make is small and hidden more...at the top like a banner..come on...players dont want to see that crap....

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