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Mafia Game Script v1.2 now Released....


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We have taken in all suggestions, feedback, and trouble everyone may or may not have had over the past few months. Upon approaching this update we have thought about a few things.



legitimacy of license

Keeping the above in mind we went over the script and tweaked many areas. adding in, and taking out the un-needed items.

Cleaning up the code as much as possible while still keeping all functions live and in order.

Performance boosts on processing and query's. Securing more areas of the script from sql injection and other forms of attacks.

And installed a license file on the script that pages a txt file where all licensed sites will be licensed sites will be listed on. If a site running the license file is not on the list you and (I) will know it is not a legitimate site and I can have it taken down.

There was 2 files encrypted with ioncube to ensure its integrity and ensure the license file would not be removed easily. ioncube loaders are provided in the package to make things easier.

Instructions were lengthened so that it gives more details to full setup case you don't want the 25.00 install service.

Support here and on preferredservers.com still supported.

Mod releases coming shortly to enhance your scripts further. member submitted mods are welcome and appreciated. If you want to share them here that is great and if you want them to be suggested for future releases please get with me here on this forum and I will see about including it into the package and a thank you goes to you within the licensing for the script so you don't go unmentioned and unrecognized.


Any questions please feel free to ask.

Click here to order your game engine

Go to services >>> Custom scripts >>> mafia game script

Do not forget to use PROMO CODE: mdshare08 to get your $10 discount on this engine.

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