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[REVIEW] Criminal Combat.


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Thank god a new advertising banner is up, my eyes got drawn to this banner at the top.. looked simple but text definitely eye catching.

Anyway, i clicked the banner, and heard this loud noise (The intro was loading) this is a good add on but I'm not to sure on it.

When i got to the login page i liked the little bit of graphical device used in the background, and a fantastic game description in my opinion.

Also have a nice add on being the radio on the login page.

O.k, so i signed up and logged in, and to be honest, in my opinion everything was a little bit of a mess, and out of place - but nothing a little a little editing cant do :)

We have got lots of features here on the right navigation bar... stuff from "learn BB code" to "blogs" and all the other stuff you would expect to see in an mccode game.

I clicked on their explore link and i liked it.. you have a selection to pick from i.e north side, west side ETC... and when you click a side it takes you there, when your there it not just like your original links you have a good size and range of icons.

Also for the vitals this game has gone for a different approach, instead of having bars they have percentages and number / number.


Overall i would give this game a 6 / 10 as i think the layout could be improved on and tidyed up espeically on the left navigation bar, i think there i was to much....but i think that the context is good. so keep up the hard work, and good luck in the future.



(Corrected for spelling)

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Re: [REVIEW] Criminal Combat.

Thanks Tezza, I really appreciate your review you had opened my eyes when I first read this. I have taken your advice, Stripped out the intro, and changed the font of the game as well as in-game appearance aswell as added several new modifications. I would again, ask if you and CE users to PLEASE, give your two cents on the game play. Simply post them here, or in the in-game suggestions feature (on the explore page, after logging in of course!)

Kind Regards, Criminal Combat Owner!


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Re: [REVIEW] Criminal Combat.


Not bad :P

Another suggestion might be to remove my background? lmao

Murder-City2 = Closed down, and we was just talking on Yahoo the other day and you didn't say anything about it but talk about how your going to use your domain to re-direct to someone else's site and profit from it LMFAO!

I'll give you a cookie for it? :?

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