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V2 Mccode Background Change (Middle)


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I wish to change my the middle part of my page to an tiled image thus to give its some texture and not just plain colour. As peeps know who use V2 there is a background and then the center bit too. I have changed the main background already. The center bit as I no consists or 3 parts. The first part i can do which is the bit behind the banner which is

.center {


background-color:#DCDCDC; (This changed to background-image:url(back.jpg) does the job)



The other bits are

include "mainmenu.php";

global $ir,$c;

$bgcolor = 'DCDCDC';

print '


These change the colour yet i dont know how to change this to use a background via a image. I just get constant parse errors etc.

Any help on this would be great and thx for any help in advance.

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