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Trouble with installation.


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I searched for a bit and didn't find any problems like mine, so I will ask for help here, and if you know of a place, just point me in that direction and I will delete this post.

So I set up my Linux server, FC6. I installed php and created a database name "game" in mysql with permissions for a user. When I go to http://localhost/installer.php , I enter all the right information, but when I click install, it goes to the next page and it is just blank. I have installed this on a webhost, and did not have any problems.

I think it is weird cause I am not getting any errors or anything, just a blank page. I know it isn't installing anything, cause I check the database to see if anything has been written.

All the files are CHMOD 777, and I know php is installed, cause I created a file with the phpinfo() script and it came up just fine. So I am not sure what the problem is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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